Cozy Cabs: How to Make Your Truck Feel Like Home

Taking the time to add some personality to your truck can make it feel more like home.

Truckers spend a lot of time in their rigs and that is why it is important to take some time and make your truck feel as cozy as possible. Just because the space you are working with is limited doesn’t mean you can’t completely transform it on a small budget. Personalizing your living space can brighten your mood and make living in a truck feel more manageable.


Upgrade your sleeping area:

You would be surprised at what a difference having a quality sleeping area in the truck can have on your level of restfulness. Don’t settle for the bare necessities when it comes to your bed. Invest in a nice pillow or two, sheets, and a comforter. If you find that your mattress isn’t cutting it, you can always fluff it up with foam cushioning or add a mattress topper. You should also think about making or buying a set of curtains for the windows. They will not only keep the sunlight out of your eyes, but they will also prevent people from peeking in your cab which will help you feel more secure.

Some truckers get too hot in their cabs at night. One easy solution to this is a battery-powered portable fan. These fans can clip to the edge of most surfaces and have bendable necks so that you can position it wherever. A nice cool breeze will help you drift off to sleep and prevent you from feeling hot and cramped.



Don’t be afraid to add some personality to your truck. We understand that space is precious when staying in a truck, but you can make the place feel like home without bringing in useless decorations. The easiest way to add some personality is by using your necessary items to bring in pops of color. For instance, your bedding, curtains, seat covers, and floor mats are already functional and in the cab, so why not buy ones in your favorite color or pattern?

Another way that truckers make their rigs feel cozier is by hanging things up on the wall. Banners, posters, and pictures don’t take up a lot of space but can help transform your rig from dull and dark to bright and cheery. Lastly, choose storage solutions that are nice to look at and that will help you keep all of your belongings in their place.


A Place to Eat:

Set up a convenient kitchen area for yourself. Think about your personal needs and invest in appliances that will make life on the road easier. For instance, it might be a good idea to get a small coffee pot if you enjoy a steamy cup in the morning. It would probably be a good idea to also have a small refrigerator so that you can keep food in the truck with you, and a single burner or mini crock-pot for cooking meals daily.

Being able to prepare your own meals and have food handy will make the truck feel more like home. Eating every meal at truck stops will burn a hole in your wallet and will affect your general health. Our tip is to carefully consider what kitchen items you will use regularly and only get those. Try to keep it to a minimum. If you won’t use it every day, don’t bring it on the road with you.

Kitchen items to consider bringing:
  • Small refrigerator
  • Microwave, mini crock-pot, or single burner
  • Pan
  • 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 knife
  • Portable blender (Some are USB rechargeable)
  • Small coffee machine (If you drink coffee daily)
  • Clothes pins to seal up opened food packages


Tidy Up:

When you live in a small space, it can get filthy in no time at all. Get on a regular cleaning routine and stick to it. Throw all of your trash in a bin or grocery bag and keep recyclables in another and empty often. Sweep and wash your floors, wipe down all surfaces, make your bed every day, and do laundry each week. Keep the living space of your rig cleaner by leaving your shoes in the front  on the floor under the dash.

You will want to bring hobbies on the road with you so make sure that there is a place for your things where they can be put up and kept out of the way. Having a few labeled bins may be just the trick. Also, don’t let your truck get smelly. Open the windows from time to time to air the space out and keep things fresh. You can also make a fabric freshener by mixing a few drops of an essential oil of your choice with a small spray bottle of water. The cleaner you keep things, the more comfortable you’ll ultimately be.


Living in a commercial truck has its challenges. You can have the truck feel like a home away from home by making a few simple changes. The extent that you decorate or personalize is totally up to you! A full transformation doesn’t have to have an outrageous price tag either.

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