Team Driving: Is it the Right Choice for You?

There are a lot of benefits to being a team driver, but it isn't for everyone. be sure to take some time and really consider whether or not teaming up sounds like the right choice for you.

Working as a team driver is a big decision. Be sure that you take some time to really consider whether or not it is the right career choice for you. Team driving is when two individuals take turns operating one truck. There are pros and cons that go along with driving as a team, and a lot of adaptation is involved when committing to it long-term. Read further to see what some of the major benefits and downsides of team driving are.


Pros of Team Driving:


Driving as a team allows the two of you to keep the truck moving for longer periods of time because you are able to switch-out drivers to accommodate for the need to sleep. Doing so allows you to travel more miles in a short amount of time, thus earning more money.

Finding Work:

A lot of companies like team drivers because their trucks are on the road longer and deliveries are made quicker. If you are a new driver that lacks experience, signing on to work with a partner may make getting hired easier. Not only can it offer you an opportunity to gain valuable experience, but it may be less intimidating working with another person rather than going solo when you are just starting out.


Driving as a team can help alleviate some of the often-felt loneliness of the open road. Sure, there would be times when your driving while your partner slept, but you would still have another person out there with you. Another positive is that your partner would be available to lend a helping hand if the need ever came along.

Cons of Team Driving:

Getting Along as a Team:

Some people decide to team-up with their spouses whom they already know very well and whom they get along with. There are many individuals though that choose to sign up as a team driver with strangers. Although it is certainly possible that you two will bond and get along nicely, that is not the universal experience. Everyone has their own habits and preferences and some personalities just don’t fit together. If you have a partner that is disrespectful towards you or that you feel is holding you back, don’t be afraid to seek out somebody new.

Lack of Privacy:

A truck is a small space to share with another person. Not only do you need to be able to trust them around your personal belongings, but you will also have to accept an overall lack of privacy. You guys will be around each other all the time. Personal moments such as going to the bathroom may not be as personal as you would otherwise like while on the road.

Lack of Control:

Some drivers just want to feel like they are in total control. As you can imagine, team driving isn’t going to be the option for them. When you are a team driver, you have to learn to trust your partner and feel as though both of you are totally confident and capable drivers.

Going further, you will have to be alright planning your schedule around another person. Stops to do laundry, eat, and shower need to occur when both of you can take advantage before getting back to business. Also, although you may be covering more miles, keep in mind that the pay will be split down the middle between the two of you.

Sleep Troubles:

Your sleep schedule as a team driver will often be sporadic. Many people are able to sleep best in dark, quiet environments but this may not be possible. Also, the movement of the truck can make some people feel nauseous while they are trying to catch-up on sleep.

Working More:

It isn’t uncommon for driving teams to stay out on the road for longer stretches of time. Because the work is split between two people, rather than one, they can work longer before needing a break. This may mean less time at home and much more time in the rig. This type of schedule can have the potential to wear you down after a while.


Although team driving comes with a lot of benefits, it definitely isn’t for everyone. Carefully consider all of the pros and cons before committing to anything serious.


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