Back-to-School Season Safety Tips for Drivers

Back-to school season means more children will be out and about.

As the dog days of summer quickly come to a close, school children everywhere are packing up their backpacks in preparation for the start of another academic year. Of course, this time of year brings new safety challenges for drivers on the roads. Here are a few things that you can do to help keep children safe while they travel to and from school each day.


School Buses:

Always maintain a big distance between you and a school bus and expect frequent stops. Although getting stuck behind a bus can feel frustrating, never try to pass a bus with it’s lights flashing. Not only is doing so illegal, but you may risk hurting a child trying to cross the street. The best way to avoid buses is to stay away from back roads in the mornings and afternoons. Adjust your routes accordingly and stick to highways and interstates whenever possible.


Respect School Zones:

Whenever you are near a school during operation hours you will most likely encounter a few flashing speed signs. Always slow down when you are in a school zone and remain aware of all crosswalks. Not all school systems hire crossing guards, so students may try to cross when the road isn’t clear. Never honk or intimidate those trying to cross. Patience is key.


Slow Down:

Semi-trucks cannot stop on a dime, so slow down! Kids will be walking, driving, and biking to school, so be sure that you give yourself enough time to stop if they dart out in front of you.


Get Rid of All Distractions:

Kids can be unpredictable. As a driver, you need to be the one to watch out for them. Always keep your eyes fixed on the roads and look out for any potential dangers. You shouldn’t be tuning your radio, speaking on the phone, eating, or doing other distracting tasks while behind the wheel.


Back-to School season means more kids out and about each day getting to and from their classes.

Student Drivers:

Each year a number of newly-licensed drivers will be hitting the roads. Young drivers make mistakes and they are more likely to get into accidents. Make sure that you drive defensively and try to avoid potential accidents. Keep a calm head and don’t let your frustration get the better of you.


Help keep children safe this school year by remaining aware of your surroundings and slowing down. Remain especially cautious in the early morning hours and afternoon. With your help, we can make the roads safer for all of the boys and girls who are trying to get to class.



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