Air or Spring Suspension: What’s the Difference?

Suspension is what protects your equiptment and cargo from getting damaged by road shock as you travel.

Truck suspension is what minimizes jarring while you are on the road in order to prevent your trailer and cargo from getting damaged. Having good suspension also helps to maintain the alignment and cushions the chassis from road shock. Whether you decide to go with air or spring depends on your personal preferences along with the type of cargo that you haul. Whichever you prefer, Truck Mart LLC has options available for you.


Air Suspension:

Air suspension utilizes a system of valves, airlines, and air-spring bags that are hooked up to the same air compressor and air reservoir as the truck’s braking system. These components work to create a spring-like motion and air suspension is known to provide the smoothest ride. One downside to it is that the more complex components mean costly repair bills.


Spring Suspension:

Spring suspension uses semi-elliptic leaf springs to cushion the trailer from road shock. Furthermore, this is one of the most commonly used types of suspensions because it is less expensive to repair and is cost effective. Finally, the ride will be slightly harsher with spring suspension, but the difference in quality is minimal.


If you are unsure what type of suspension you should get, consider speaking with a freight expert about your particular situation. In the end, one of the major deciding factors will end up being what you feel comfortable spending. In addition, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to speak with other owner/operators to get a feel for what has worked best for them.


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