Four Autumn Safety Tips for Truckers

Stay safe this autumn by following some of these safety tips.

You know summer is just about over when the morning air begins to feel crisp and the kids are gearing up for another school year. Autumn brings with it a new set of challenges for truckers to overcome. Here are a few of our safety tips for fall-time driving. Don’t forget to enjoy a big cup of warm apple cider, a piece of pumpkin pie, and a cozy sweater along the way!


A Blanket of Colorful Leaves:

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing the leaves change from green to hues of brown, red, orange, and yellow? Perhaps the person who has to rake them up! One thing to keep in mind is the potential hazard leaf piles can be on the roads. Not only can they hide other potential dangers, but they become slippery when wet. If you see a large blanket of leaves then be sure to slow down in order to prevent losing control of your equipment.

Time to Harvest:

Fall is when farmers will be harvesting most of their crops. This means that you can expect to see more tractors on the roads. If you happen to get stuck behind one of these slow-going pieces of equipment, remain calm. Don’t trail too close behind them and be sure that you wait to pass them until you have a clear line of vision. Also, watch for debris on the roads alongside fields and be aware of corn that may block your sight around corners.


Deer in the Headlights:

Rut season typically lasts from October to November for deer. Deer are known to be more active at night, and autumn brings shorter days, therefore, expect to see more deer on or alongside the road. If you see one deer, there are probably more coming since they tend to travel in groups. Go slower and look for the reflection of their eyes. Slow down at night when you are in areas where deer may be and try your best not to swerve if you encounter one.

Winter is Near:

Take some time to start prepping for winter now. You don’t want to be suddenly caught off guard when winter approaches. Always remember that the season come and go quickly so stay on top of everything and plan ahead.


We hope that you all stay safe this coming fall and enjoy all of the wonderful things that autumn brings.


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