Trailer Maintenance: Building a Routine


The importance of Maintenance:

Although it’s important to properly maintain your big rig, don’t overlook the trailer! Do what you can to keep both in tip-top working order so that they will last longer and help facilitate a higher income. Start getting in the routine of checking your trailer regularly and save yourself from unnecessary repair bills.



Tires can cost a pretty penny, so check yours often. Be sure to test your tire pressure regularly and look over them for signs of uneven wear. Keep in mind that changes in weather can have an affect on your tire pressure. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get in the habit of inspecting your tires before and after a trip just to be sure that everything is working as it should. If you happen to have extra tires on hand, make sure that you are storing them properly. Don’t leave them exposed to the elements or stacked in a way that can cause damage.



Be sure to lube all necessary components regularly. Old grease, although it doesn’t go bad, becomes less effective as it gets coated with road debris. There are various types of greases on the market, so do some research in order to find which lubricant will work best for your equipment. Keep a tube of grease and a rag in your tool box just in case you ever need it while working. Also, don’t forget to show the undercarriage components a little TLC.



Regularly inspect your lights to ensure that they are all working properly. You don’t want to get pulled over because of a malfunctioning brake light. Make sure all of your wires are in good condition and keep extra tools such as bulbs, fuses, and electrical tape in your truck.


Keep it Clean:

Clean your trailer regularly. Keeping it clean will also make it easier for you to spot damage. Sweep in-between loads and consider washing the trailer every month or two. If you own a food-grade dry van, be sure to wipe down the walls regularly and repair unsightly dings and scratches.


Don’t have a Trailer?

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