A Big Thank You: Truck Mart’s Response to Covid-19 Crisis

The flag is symbolic of the American people coming together during this time of crisis and stress

Beginning March 1 of this year, President Donald J. Trump declared the Covid-19 outbreak a national emergency. Nonetheless, this event is not the first challenge of its kind that the world has faced and will not be the last. We at Truck Mart LLC want to take a moment to salute the trucking community that has continued to move forward. You are playing a big role in keeping food on the shelves and necessary supplies available to the American people. All of our employees have stepped up as well. Consequently, we are ready and willing to fix equipment in order to keep trucks in operation and make purchasing trucks available to our hardworking customers. Furthermore, we are honored to be serving real American heroes during this crisis and we cannot thank you enough for assisting in the relief effort. Stay safe and best wishes.

From all of us at Truck Mart-Thank you!



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