A Guide to Used Truck Prepurchase Inspections

A Guide to Used Truck Prepurchase Inspections

Semi trucks are expensive, so if you’re looking for a new truck to haul items, you might want to consider a cheaper used option. As with any used automobile, there are a variety of issues that could cause the truck to be a poor investment. A thorough inspection of the vehicle before purchasing will provide assurance that you are buying a quality truck and you won’t have any problems once you’re the owner as you will be responsible for any repairs. While you may agree that a prepurchase inspection is important, you might still be wondering how to inspect such a vehicle.

Hiring a professional to complete the inspection might be your best bet to ensure you are purchasing a reliable used vehicle. However, if you’re familiar with trucks and want to complete your own evaluation, here is a guide to help you learn what to look for.

Research the History

With most used vehicles there is a limited lifespan on the engine, so the number of the odometer is an important figure. Most semi truck engines will last up to one million miles, making this less of a concern. Any truck that you are looking to purchase will have a documented history of all maintenance and inspection previously completed. Investigating to see how well the truck has been cared for by previous owners will allow you to determine if the truck is actually in good shape or just appears that way.

Inspect the Truck’s Condition

There are a variety of things that you can inspect on the truck to determine its condition if you are familiar with the mechanics and components of it and some you can discover even if you’re not. Visually inspecting the exterior of the truck for any damage, such as cracks, bends, or sagging, as well as any rusted parts will tell you whether or not the truck has been well cared for. Look for any smoke coming from the rear while the engine is warm and running as this is a sign that the exhaust system is burning oil. Inspecting the engine for any leaks will allow you to avoid any expensive repairs after the purchase. Since you’ll likely be spending a great deal of time in the cabin, test out the seat and the bunk to ensure that they are comfortable.

Inspect the Truck's Condition

Handling of the Truck

As with any vehicle that you might purchase, you should take the truck for a test-drive before buying. Pay particular attention to the acceleration and deceleration of the truck as this will have a big impact when driving. You’ll also want to discover how well it handles and how the suspension feels as you’ll likely be putting a large number of miles on it. Make sure you listen for any unusual sounds coming from the engine or brakes as this could be a sign that there is an existing problem.

Buying a semi truck is a big investment, regardless of whether it’s new or used. As you would do when buying any other vehicle, you should complete a thorough inspection of the truck to ensure that there are no existing problems that would require an expensive repair following your purchase. If it passes your tests, a cheap used semi could last you years into the future. Visit Truck Mart LLC if you’re in the market for your own semi truck.