A Trucker in Love: Valentines Day Far Away

Valentines Day is considered to be the biggest celebrations of romance in the United States. Other countries that recognize Valentines Day include Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. Every February 14th couples get together to express to each other how much they care. For those who are away from their loved ones though, this day can be rather painful. Looking for ways to enjoy Valentines Day with your sweetie from afar? Read on!


Glass Half Full Perspective:

It is really easy to have a pessimistic perspective about the holiday if you aren’t able to be home for it, but try looking at it from a more optimistic angle. Bear in mind that you don’t need big box stores to tell you when it’s time to show your partner that you care. If you are in a relationship, you should make it a goal to show affection and genuine love to your partner throughout the entire year. If your loved ones know that you care because you express love often, Valentines Day won’t seem like such a big deal overall. Gifts and chocolates are nice, but nothing replaces the genuine contentment that comes with being in a fulfilling relationship.

How to celebrate:

If work has you far away and you still want to participate, there are a few options to help make Valentine’s Day special.


Will you be my Valentine?

Written valentines have been popular since the 1400s! For centuries people have enjoyed receiving handmade letters and cards from their admirers. Surprise your partner by mailing them an old fashioned valentine in advance. Doing so is a low cost but creative way to show that you care.

Virtual Date Night:

Just because you are apart doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way to go on a date. You could go on a Skype or Zoom call with your loved one and eat dinner together. Another idea is to watch a movie at the same time so that you can talk about it afterwards. Brainstorm what the two of you would really enjoy doing and plan it out. Sometimes the best dates are the simplest because they encourage meaningful conversation.


A Walk Down Memory Lane:

Another great idea for Valentines Day is to look through old photographs of the two of you and reminisce. If you have your photos backed up the cloud, you can both view them at the same time. You could also try texting cute photos to your partner throughout the day. Looking at the past gives the two of you time to reflect on happy times and see just how far you have come in your relationship.

Celebrate Later:

Who says you can’t celebrate Valentines Day after-the-fact? No need to feel down about missing the holiday because you can always celebrate traditionally when your schedule allows.

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From all of us At Truck Mart LLC, we wish you a joyful Valentine’s Day!


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