The Pandemic and America’s Truckers

America's truck drivers have continued working through the many challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic brings.

Working Through the Challenges that the Pandemic Brings:

Many truckers are facing unprecedented challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. The mandated shut downs have impacted businesses everywhere. As the crisis drags on, people are realizing just how important America’s truck drivers are and what a large part they play in keeping the people of the USA fed, healthy, and comfortable.

The stay at home mandates have caused a spike in the demand for household goods and medical supplies. According to 12WBOY, more than 3.5 million professional truckers are hauling products across the United States despite the challenges that the pandemic is creating. Many truckers are deciding to work despite the risk of exposure. Many are finding themselves driving through hot zones and touching loads that could have been exposed to the virus. As a result, many truckers are choosing to stay on the road rather than returning home to their loved ones and risk exposing them. Right now, many drivers are feeling isolated and are spending more time in their rigs than ever. With many business remaining closed, human interaction is extremely limited.

“Now People realize we’re the reason people have their iPhone and milk and toilet paper and medical supplies”-James Eden (WLWT5)

Truckers are also experiencing difficulty eating and finding available restrooms. As rest-stops and restaurants remain closed throughout the country, drivers are having to get creative. Since the luxury of a hot sit-down meal has been put on hold, more truckers are opting to make food in their trucks or call fast-food industries to place their orders. On top of that, there is the added stress of limited work, fatigue, and lower pay rates.

Stores everywhere are working hard to keep goods on the shelves.
Panic buying has led to an increased demand for truck drivers to continue to move supplies.


As people continue to panic buy and worry about the availability of necessary supplies, truck drivers are continuing to keep goods on the shelves. It is vital for drivers to be fiscally prudent during these times. We have all heard the quote, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” and America’s truck drivers are representative of such a sentiment. Many of the drivers continue working through the challenges that they are currently facing because they know that what they are doing is important.


Truck Mart LLC has remained open through Covis-19 crisis in order to help keep trucks operational as well as to assist truckers in purchasing semi trucks and trailers. This company is proud of the drivers that we do business with. Please remember that Truck Mart is standing behind you!

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