CDL Endorsements: Make Yourself Stand Out

CDL Endorsements

Your education should not end after you obtain your CDL. In fact, getting your CDL should only be one small aspect of your overall plan for yourself. You should seriously consider getting all, yes all, of the additional CDL endorsements that you can. But what is an endorsement? Endorsements are additional permissions that are added to your CDL and show that you have specialized skills and training in various areas that are useful in the industry.


 Common Endorsements:


Hazardous Materials:

Hazmat endorsement is one of the most complex to receive, but is sought after by employers. Drivers with this endorsement are able to transport hazardous materials, explosives, and gases. Most companies have hazardous materials that need moved, and the heightened responsibility often leads to a higher paycheck.



Oftentimes a tanker endorsement is grouped with hazardous materials. Essentially it enables the driver to transport tanks of liquids or gases.


Passenger/School Bus:

A passenger endorsement allows you to transport large amounts of people. You never know when this might come in handy or what job listings may come up in the future. Also, if you ever decide you don’t want to drive a commercial truck anymore, becoming a bus driver might be a simple way to supplement your income.



This endorsement enables a driver to carry two or three trailers attached to their rigs, making it possible to move more freight.


The additional cost and time spent in obtaining these endorsements is well worth it because they make you more marketable. With so many other drivers to compete against, you need to try to make yourself as desirable as possible. Also, the more endorsements that you have, the more job opportunities that are available to you.


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