Customer Interview: Charles Soliday

Katrina, our Social Media Coordinator interviewed Charles Soliday after he signed on two 2010 Vanguard trailers that were a part of our lease-purchase trailer program.

On June 18th Charles Soliday came to Truck Mart LLC to take advantage of our lease-purchase trailer program. Mr. Soliday is the proud owner of C. Soliday Transport Incorporated and he signed with us for two 2010 Vanguard dry van trailers. He was kind enough to let us ask him a few questions and the interview has been transcribed below.

Katrina: Hey everyone. Today we’re here with Charles Soliday from PA. Charles just purchased two 2010 dry van Vanguard trailers. Charles has agreed to let us ask him a few questions. How many years of truck driving experience do you have?

Charles: Thirty.

Katrina: Thirty. And what interested you in our lease to purchase program?

Charles: Ah, I called and talked to a sales guy here. Yup.

Katrina: And how did you hear about Truck Mart LLC?

Charles: I was looking on the web and I found you guys on there.

Katrina: Okay, and can you say a word or two about your overall experience working with us?

Charles: Been pretty, pretty quick and easy.

Katrina: Pretty quick and pretty easy. Would you come back here?

Charles: Absolutely!

Katrina: Alright!

Charles: You know, the service was good and that’s the lot of it.

Katrina: Great. Well thank you Charles and we wish you the best of luck.


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Another big thanks to Charles Soliday for allowing us to conduct this interview!


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