Customer Review: John Stanfield

John Stanfield saw our latest post on Facebook about dry van trailers and decided to stop in. After a short time, John is driving off of our lot with a 2010 Vangaurd trailer.

Mr. John Stanfield left our lot today with a 2010 dry van Vanaguard trailer! He saw our latest Facebook post about our trailers and decided to stop in. He told us that he has been driving 18-wheelers for 20 years. John did not like working for somebody else, so he decided to start his own business, JKPS Transportation LLC. We are flattered that he said his experience today was great and he gave us a 5-star rating.

Our lease-purchase trailer program provides owner-operators with an opportunity to get a quality trailer with a low down payment, low monthly payment, and a $1.00 buy out with no additional fees or purchases required. There is no penalty if you decide to pay the equipment off early and the process is as simple as can be. The toughest part is figuring out what trailer you would like!

All of the trailers come with a DOT inspection and we can provide the registration and plate for just $225.00. This in-house program allows us to look beyond your credit score, so don’t hesitate to give one of our owner-operator specialists a call at 717-532-6900! When you come in, we will need to see a voided check, CDL, a list of 5 references, your down payment amount, and proof of insurance. Huge shout-out to John Stanfield for taking the time to speak with us today, thanks so much. Congratulations and safe trucking!


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