Andrew Hawbaker

Congratulations to Andrew Hawbaker on the purchase of his new 2018 International LT625 Truck. Andrew has been driving for a year and is buying his first truck. He has always wanted to drive and loves driving. Welcome to the trucking business Andrew. From talking to you, sounds like you are enjoying it so far! We at Truck Mart LLC are excited for you and your new adventure.


How did we do? Per Andrew “Truck Mart & Eric did an excellent job with providing straight forward pricing and clear answers to all my questions. Process couldn’t be faster. A lot of great trucks at great prices for a low down payment and monthly payment.”

Marc Exanville

Congratulations to Marc Exanville on the purchase of his new 2018 Freightliner Cascadia truck. Marc has been driving for fifteen months and is buying his first truck. Marc came to us as a referral. Thank you to your friend. We wish you the best of success Marc.

How did we do? Per Marc “It’s very good to deal with Truck Mart, they know how to do it. Mr. David do the job very good. This is not my last time to deal with them. I will be coming back.”

Jepri Ellis

Congratulations to Jepri Ellis on the purchase of her new 2013 Wabash trailer. Jepri has been driving for three.

How did we do? Per Jepri “Great.”

Oscar Braithwaite

Congratulations to Oscar Braithwaite Jr on the purchase of his new 2016 Stoughton trailer. Oscar has been driving for eight years.

How did we do? Per Oscar “The service was nice & fast. The equipment is decent.”

Henry Louis

Congratulations to Henry Louis on the purchase of his new 2017 Vanguard trailer. Henry has been driving for six years. Henry heard about Truck Mart LLC from a friend who heard about us from a friend. Thank you “friends” for sharing about Truck Mart LLC.

Henry, Thank you for letting us be a part of your business growth. We look forward to seeing you again when you are ready for another truck and/or trailer.


Kristopher Faulkner

Congratulations Expedited Solutions LLC on the purchase of their new 2018 Freightliner Cascadia truck. This is their second truck purchase from Truck Mart LLC. Thank you!

How did we do? Expedited Solutions LLC “Great.”

Carlos Pullen

Congratulations to Carlos Pullen on the purchase of his new 2014 Freightliner Cascadia truck. Carlos has been driving for around 20 years and bought a truck today. Carlos brought his pops along to share in the joy picking up his baby. We are excited for you Carlos.

How did we do? Per Carlos “Great job.”
Any advice or what is your secret to success Carlos? “Leave it up to God.”

Eddy Louis

Congratulations to Eddy Pierre Louis on the purchase of his new 2020 International LT625 truck. Eddy has been driving for twenty years and is excited about his new truck.

Frank Cyrus

Congratulations to Frank Cyrus on the purchase of his two new 2018 Freightliner trucks. Frank (on the left) and his nephew will be working together.

How did we do? Per Frank “David was the sales rep and he did a fantastic job. He gave me all of the information that was needed and he also asked every question that was needed. There was great hospitality and the over all service was great.”

Varinder Bhakhri

Congratulations to Varinder Bhakhri on the purchase his new 2018 Freightliner Cascadia truck. Varinder has been driving for 15 years and frequently drove by Truck Mart LLC located right off interstate 81.

How did we do? Per Varinder “Great people. Great Service. All the people are very nice.”