Equipment Spotlight: 2010 Vanguard Lease-Purchase Trailers

Equipment Spotlight

Come check out our 2010 Vanguard Trailers. We currently have 17 of these beauties on our lot, ready to go. The lease term involves $1,000.00 down/30 months/$500.00 a month with a one dollar buy-out option at the end of the lease term. No hidden fees, additional purchases, or penalties for an early payoff.


The Vanguard trailers are 53 ft x 102 in and have double spring doors and spring suspension. They come DOT inspected, and for a small fee, plated and registered. We can have you in an out within an hour, ready to get to work.


When you come in, we will ask to see your CDL, a list of references, a voided check, and your down payment money. We will assist with the rest!


Interested in one of our 2010 Vanguards? Give us a call today at 717-532-6900 and check out our full inventory of lease-purchase trailers HERE.


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