Factors to Consider before Buying Used Semi Trucks

Factors to Consider before Buying Used Semi Trucks

For owner-operators in the trucking industry, every dollar counts. That’s why many truckers have elected to purchased used semis in recent years to help increase their flexibility and prevent the financial exposure that can occur as the result of changes in the industry or personal issues. A cheap, used semi may be the perfect way for a new owner-operator to break into the trucking business without spending a mint on a new truck. However, buying a used semi can include some risk for the purchaser, and that must be taken into consideration as well.

If you’re shopping for a cheap, used semi for sale, make sure you understand both the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a used truck. There are plenty of high-quality, reliable, used semis on the market today, but there are a few things you should know before committing to a purchase. The best cheap, used semi trucks for sale have documented service records, upgraded amenities, extended warranties, and demonstrated reliability. Make sure that you consider these factors when shopping for your next used rig. Keep reading to learn about a few things you should know when considering a used semi truck for purchase.

Decide Your Needs

Before you begin to search the want ads for a used semi truck for sale, make sure you know exactly what kind of truck you need. For example, if you will only be doing local short-haul work, you probably don’t need a semi with a full sleeper cabin. Also, know what kind of power requirements you’ll need. For example, if you’re primarily hauling heavy loads, you need to make sure that the trucks you’re considering are up to the task in terms of their power. Having an underpowered rig can cost you over time, so be as specific as possible when deciding your needs.

Know the Truck’s History

Most modern trucks are built to go over a million miles before they need an engine rebuild, so make sure that you know the history of your truck when it comes to service and repairs. If the truck you’re considering has 800,000 miles on it and has never been rebuilt, you know that a rebuild will be in the near future if you purchase the semi. In fact, some used rig purchasers immediately overhaul the engine after purchasing a used truck just to reset the life on the engine. It’s also a good idea to look at the inspection and service records to make sure the truck was properly maintained. Maintenance is critical, so if there are many gaps in the service records, you may want to steer clear.

Consider a Dealer

Unless you’re purchasing a used truck from someone you know, think about buying from a dealer of considerable repute. Buying a semi from a complete stranger can be risky. If you buy from a dealer, at least you have a reasonable path for recourse if the truck you purchase was misrepresented or experiences problems soon after purchase. You also may be able to get financing through a dealer that can lighten the initial financial load of purchasing a new truck. Finally, many dealers will offer warranties and service plans for the trucks they sell, so you can get those add-ons without much additional cost.

Consider a Dealer When Buying Used Semi-Trucks

Get Warranty Details

Some used trucks may still be covered under their original warranty, and used trucks purchased from a dealer may include an extended warranty as well. However, it’s important that you understand the terms of the warranty that’s being offered. A warranty alone doesn’t offer much protection to the consumer. It’s the details that provide the buyer with some confidence that the truck will be mechanically sound, and if problems do arise that the seller will assume some of the financial responsibility for repairing the truck. Make sure that the warranty is not a promise in name only, but that the terms are actionable and offer you protection from faulty equipment.

If you’re considering the purchase of a used semi, make sure to consider these tips before signing your name on a sale. Used semi trucks for sale can offer owner-operators a tremendous opportunity to purchase a quality rig for a lower price point, but a wise buyer knows to conduct due diligence before making a purchase. To learn more about what you should know when buying a used semi, visit Truck Mart, LLC, at https://www.truckmartllc.com/heavy-duty-semi-trucks-for-sale.