Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our services?- Check out some of these frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Contact us at (717) 532-6900 or {800} 377-3101.

Q: What are the minimum requirements of your program?


Q: Why Truck Mart LLC?

A: Truck Mart LLC is dedicated to giving our customers the best possible experience. Not only do we provide speedy approvals and well-maintained used equipment, but we also offer our customers industry-related business tools so that they can hit the ground running.

Q: What insurance will I need and how can I get it?

A: Depending on the loan and your choice of owner-operator position, the insurance requirements will differ.

Q: How much do I need down and what are your monthly payments?

A: Truck Mart LLC offers commercial bank financing and TRAC Leasing, therefore we do not have a set down payment on our inventory nor do we have a set monthly payment. Not everyone’s situation is the same. At Truck Mart we listen to your story and review your application before we recommend anything. Our free application is all we need you to fill out in order to discuss your options. We are not like the Freight Company lease purchase programs where they tell everyone the same down payment and the same monthly payment.

Q: Do I need to have my own authority?

A: No, you do not need to have your own authority to become an owner operator or to purchase or finance a truck from Truck Mart LLC. We can service you if you are looking to become an independent owner-operator or a leased-on owner-operator.

Q: What’s an independent owner-operator?

A: An independent owner-operator works under own authority and operates under their own DOT number. There are major benefits of being an independent owner-operator, however Truck Mart LLC strongly suggests being a leased-on owner-operator early on in order to gain more experience, get familiar with the cost of business, and make connections.

Q: What’s a leased on owner-operator?

A: A leased-on owner-operator works under the authority of a carrier that they select.

Q: Where are you located and does it matter where I live?

A: Truck Mart LLC is located in Shippensburg PA off I-81 Exit 24. We supply rigs and financing to drivers in all 48 states. CLICK HERE for directions.



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