Having a Terrific Turkey Day as a Trucker

Celebrating Thanksgiving on the road? You can still have a wonderful holiday

It can be hard to work over the holidays when you know that your loved ones are at home without you. For many truck drivers, working while everyone else is playing is not a new thing. If you are feeling bummed about being on the roads this Thanksgiving then read on to see what our suggestions are for having a rocking turkey day in your rig.


First things first, shine some positive perspective on the situation! In reality you can have a wonderful meal with your family anytime, so don’t get upset that you cannot be there on a specific day. You can always celebrate together on a different day that will be more convenient. Also keep in mind that the work that you do makes the holidays as we know them possible by delivering the commercial goods that families everywhere consume. Finally, who says you can’t find a way to celebrate Thanksgiving from your truck? At the end of the day though, Thanksgiving shouldn’t be about what you buy and have, but rather, it should be a time that you spend reflecting on the idea of contentment and gratitude.


Contact your Family:

One of the main reasons why people feel sad about working over a holiday is the fact that they feel isolated from their families. Taking some time to call or video chat with your loved ones will really help you feel connected to the festivities and to them. If you can, video call them during the meal so that you can still be with them at the table. Calling your family and friends to wish them well will mean a lot to them.


Enjoy a hot meal:

Many truck stops actually offer Thanksgiving meals to drivers, sometimes for free! Take some time to pause from your busy work day and treat yourself to a filling lunch or dinner. If you can’t find any places offering Thanksgiving meals or you don’t want to pay a lot for one, try making one yourself. There are a ton of easy turkey day recipes for truckers, especially if you have a crock pot available to you. Just don’t wait until the day of to head into the grocery store for ingredients. Try to stop and get everything you need earlier in the week to avoid crowds. Click HERE to see some wonderful meal ideas for Truck Drivers.


Rock Out:

Feeling festive? Listen to a Thanksgiving playlist while driving. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Alice’s Restaurant”-Arlo Guthrie
  • “Sweet Potato Pie”-Ray Charles
  • “Be Thankful”-Natalie King
  • “I Could Not Ask For More”-Sara Evans
  • “Thanksgiving Song”-Adam Sandler
  • “I’ve Got Plenty to be Thankful For”-Bing Crosby



The History of Thanksgiving:

If you have a little free time, you could always read or watch something about the history of Thanksgiving. Holidays and how cultural traditions formed over time is always pretty interesting to learn about. For instance, did you know that Thanksgiving wasn’t considered a national holiday until the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that it would be celebrated each year in November?

Click HERE for a great resource which will link you to all kinds of materials related to the history of Thanksgiving.


No matter where you find yourself this holiday season, you can still have a nice time. Remember to think of all that you have in your life. From all of us here at Truck Mart LLC, have a fantastic Thanksgiving and stay safe out there!


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