Missing Sleep: Truckers and the Use of Illegal Stimulants

It is important that truckers pay attention to their bodies and get enough sleep. Using illegal stimulants can affect their ability to safely operate their commercial equiptment.

One of the largest obstacles that truck drivers face regularly is exhaustion. There is a lot of pressure to make deliveries on time, and in order for that to occur, drivers push to stay behind the wheel longer. Unfortunately, some drivers choose to use illegal substances as a means of increasing their drive time, but the effects can be devastating.



When people need to stay awake, they typically reach for caffeinated beverages such as coffee, soda, and energy drinks. These substances are only meant to offer a small, temporary boost. When used in excess, they have the potential to cause the individual to feel jittery, anxious, and lethargic.

Illegal Stimulants:

Of course, there are some drivers that are willing to jeopardize their careers and safety and find themselves consuming illegal stimulants to stay awake. Some of the most popular of these types of stimulants include cocaine, amphetamines, Ritalin, and Adderall. Although these drugs can make a person feel more alert, they can also impair reaction times, raise frustration levels, and lead to health complications. Drugs are never a substitute for sleep and many accidents have occurred because truck drivers chose to take stimulants instead of pulling over to get some sleep.


Healthy Ways of Staying Awake:

Remember, increasing your drive time is only safe if your careful not to run yourself too thin. If you feel exhausted, you need to go to bed, not drink coffee. Don’t risk your career, life, or the lives of others because you were too stubborn to rest. Everyone needs sleep in order to properly function.


  • Eat healthy foods to boost your overall energy levels
  • Roll the windows down and fill the cab with cool air
  • Power nap (20 minutes is the recommended length because it is long enough for you to wake feeling rested but not groggy)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Listen to something that will keep your interest
  • Get enough sleep each day (don’t drink caffeinated beverages close to the time you will be stopping for some shut-eye)

Be responsible and choose to do the right thing. The risk in this instance is not worth the reward. Say no to illegal stimulants and listen to your body.


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