Need a Trailer? New Lease-Purchase Trailer Program

Truck Mart LLC has a new lease-purchase trailer program.

Truck Mart LLC has recently kick-started a new lease-purchase trailer program. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trailer that you can take anywhere? Haul anything? Now is your chance!


Our dry van trailers are all well maintained and come with a DOT inspection. For just $2,000-$3,000/down you can take one of our trailers that same day. Monthly payments are $500.00 per month for a length of time dependent on the price of the trailer that you choose. We want you to own the equipment at the end, so our buy-out is $1.00 with no additional charges or purchases necessary. No games guaranteed! Have a good month and want to make a payment early? There is absolutely no prepayment penalty. We also offer options where we can provide you with the registration and plate.

Bad credit? No worries!
Here at Truck Mart LLC we base our decisions off of more than just a credit score!


Bad credit? No problem! We have been in this business for a long time and understand that a person’s credit score isn’t the whole story. That is why we look at more than just an individual’s credit when making a decision.

If you are interested in our lease-purchase trailer program then give us a call at (800)-377-3101.

Check out our lease-purchase trailer inventory HERE!


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