Time Management Skills: Making Each Day Count!

Being a commercial truck driver is a stressful job characterized by time crunches and crazy schedules. Not only must you meet delivery deadlines, but you have to stay in touch with your family, maintain your equipment, complete chores, and try to squeeze in some time to sleep! Talk about overwhelming! Read on to learn more about the importance of time management and how you can make the most of each day as a driver.


  • Plan ahead:

You’ll drive yourself insane trying to foresee everything, but you can make your life easier by planning ahead a little bit. For instance, stop off at a super-market regularly to stock up on necessary supplies. That way, you won’t have to stop anywhere when you are on the road for a while. You should also try to plan out your routes whenever possible so that you save yourself the headache of travelling through congested or unfavorable areas. Doing this will also help you make better time.


  • Focus on the Task at Hand:

Although it may be tempting to work on a plethora of tasks all at once, this is typically a poor decision. In a desperate attempt to cross things off your you “to do” list you will end up overwhelming yourself. Don’t feel bad though. Most people lack the ability to multitask anyway. Of course, never drive distracted. That job is important and requires your full attention. There are certain times when multitasking is smart though. For instance, if you are getting some chores done you could always put a load of laundry in the washer before hopping in the shower. By the time the clothes are ready to go in the dryer, you can grab a bite to eat or clean your rig up. This technique enables you to work on one thing at a time while also utilizing your spare time to maximize the number of chores you can complete.


  • Don’t be a Procrastinator:

When people get stressed out, their reaction is often avoidance. It’s easy to feel uninspired or frustrated and slack off, but this wastes a lot of precious time! Handle overwhelming tasks by splitting them up into tiny, manageable pieces. You don’t want to fall behind on work-related tasks because those are important in regards to safety and getting paid. Try to make each day count by completing at least one important task. Doing so will not only help you feel better, but will make your day more productive overall.

Time management is a skill that is developed over time with lots of practice.


  • Optimize Drive-Time:

It is important that you are able to make your deliveries on time, so try to find ways to optimize the time that you spend behind the wheel. For instance, limit your caffeine intake in order to reduce the number of restroom breaks that you need throughout the day. Another idea would be to keep your truck stocked with food so that mealtimes are quick and easy. Lastly, keep your truck maintained to avoid breakdowns and standstills.


  • Take Breaks:

Even the most productive people need to take time out of their day to relax. All work and no play are a bad mix and you’ll quickly find yourself feeling burnt-out if you don’t manage to schedule in much-deserved periods of rest.


“Time management is really a misnomer-the challenge is not to manage time, but to manage ourselves.”-Stephen Covey


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