Top Things to Avoid When Buying Used Semi-Trucks

Top Things to Avoid When Buying Used Semi-Trucks

Whether you’re an independent owner-operator or manager of a large fleet, purchasing a semi represents a huge investment in your business. For small companies or sole proprietorships, it can result in significant debt that will impact future business decisions. Therefore, it’s important that you get an affordable, reliable truck that can benefit your business rather than draining it. That’s why many who are in the market for a semi elect to purchase a used model to get a quality truck at a much lower price. Used Peterbilt trucks provide an affordable way to upgrade your fleet, but purchasing a used semi isn’t without its pitfalls.

When perusing listings of used Peterbilt trucks for sale, you should be attentive to details that could indicate future problems with a used truck. Many truck buyers fail to perform their due diligence, and, as a result, they end up with a truck that needs major overhauls to be roadworthy. When shopping for a used semi, make sure that you follow the tips below to avoid making costly mistakes that can adversely impact your bottom line.

A Deal That’s Too Good to be True

If you see a sparkling, seemingly well-kept semi for sale at a low price point, beware. Even if the seller has a great story regarding his or her need to let the truck go at a bargain price despite its great condition, it pays to be wary. Semi trucks represent significant investments, and few people would be willing to take a huge loss by selling a truck for well less than it’s worth. A willingness to do so indicates that there are some significant unseen problems with the semi that may not be obvious. If a seller is offering a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Failure to Check the Tires

It always makes sense to check the tires on any truck you’re thinking of purchasing. Tire are a substantial truck maintenance cost. Therefore, you want to make sure that the tires won’t need replacement right after you purchase the semi. Replacing the tires is no big deal if it’s necessary, of course. However, you’ll want your cost to upgrade the tires to be reflected in the final price of the semi. Tires also can tell you something about how the truck has been maintained. If the tires have been balanced and rotated, if they all match, and they’re in good condition, that can indicate that the truck has been cared for well.

Paying Too Much for a High Mileage Truck

Mileage is a key consideration when buying a used semi, and it’s one of the primary drivers of used semi truck pricing. While it’s true that modern semis are made to endure a lifetime that stretches well over a million miles, at some point, an overhaul must be conducted. You can get some bargains in the used semi market on trucks with miles creeping close to 750,000, which is the traditional mileage for a full truck overhaul. However, be aware that the overhaul will be costly, and without it, you may end up with a truck that isn’t fit for heavy work.

Paying Too Much for a High Mileage Truck

Buying from a Stranger

When making a sizable investment such as the purchase of a semi truck, you don’t want to purchase from someone you don’t know or who can’t verify the details of the truck with a paper trail. Because the stakes are high, it’s a good idea to buy from a reputable dealer of used semi trucks unless you’re purchasing the truck from someone you know and trust. Buying from a stranger through classified ads or websites such as Craigslist could result in a financial disaster if a fatal flaw is discovered with the truck after the transaction is complete.

Buying a used semi truck can save you a considerable amount of money, but it’s important that you avoid these mistakes when selecting a truck for purchase. To begin your search for a used semi, visit Truck Mart LLC in Shippensburg, PA, or online at