What Are the Benefits of Becoming an Owner Operator? 6 Reasons to Become an Owner Operator

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming An Owner Operator?

Owning your own semi truck can seem like a dream more than a reality for a lot of truck drivers. Will I ever be able to afford my own truck? How do I have success as an owner operator? How will I choose my own freight?

If you are wondering how to become an owner operator or what the benefits are of being an own operator, we’ve complied six reasons why becoming an owner operator might be the best choice you ever make.

1. Flexibility

The biggest and best benefit to becoming an owner operator is the flexibility you will have. In most cases, being an owner operator means YOU decide on your hours and how often you will be driving. You decide when you are on call, when you are home, and you decide which jobs to accept or not.

However, don’t take this flexibility lightly. Owning your own trucking business and having flexibility is wonderful, but don’t underestimate how many jobs you need to take on. Owning your own semi truck means you have payments to make — and you can’t make them without an income.

So while the flexibility is amazing and SO worthwhile, don’t be afraid to take on an extra job here and there to keep yourself afloat!

2. Traveling Near or Far

Truck Drivers often face driving across the country when they are a company driver. However, as an owner operator, another great benefit is choosing where and how far you want to drive! You can make local runs or go across the country.
Used semi truck driving across the countryUsed semi truck driving across the country

If you have been traveling since you’ve started driving, staying in your home state might start to look mighty appealing. You just have to take that first step of becoming an owner operator.

If you haven’t been able to travel yet since you started driving, seeing some of the amazing sites across the country might also start to look really appealing! Becoming an owner operator can open your eyes to so many new places.

3. You Literally Live Out the American Dream

Live the American Dream - Owner/Operator Trucking

Owning your own business… THAT is what America is all about. You are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, and one of the many reasons why America thrives. Becoming an owner operator means you are the boss of your own small trucking business.
Owner operators achieve the American DreamOwner operators achieve the American Dream

A benefit of becoming an owner operator is knowing that the work you are doing everyday is for YOU — not just some big corporation. The work you do, the miles you travel, and every piece of being an owner operator means you are growing your business, supporting yourself and your family, and always be on the lookout for better opportunities. Owning your own business means you are in control!

4. It Makes The World Go Round

Being an owner operator means you are making your own profit. You are in control of every trucking expense, meaning you maximize your profit margin however you are able. You control your fuel costs, maintenance costs and your taxes.

Since you are in control of your truck and your business, you can do whatever it takes to increase your profit. Good driving and good business habits make for more money into YOUR pocket!

5. The Demand Is ALWAYS There

Truck drivers are always in demand. Freight is quite literally endless and companies are always search for drivers to haul it. What’s this mean for you, the owner operator? You never have to feel obligated to haul a load. Companies NEED your truck, you don’t need their freight (because there a hundreds of other companies you could turn to). This means that you don’t have to accept a load from anyone without making sure you can haul it on YOUR own time and schedule. And if not, you can demand compensation for the extra hassle — trust us, the demand for people like YOU is never ending.
Truck drivers are always in demandTruck drivers are always in demand

6. Your Truck, Your Rules

Your Truck, Your Rules - Owner/Operator Trucking

Want a furry passenger? Your truck, your rules. Want a custom seat? Your truck, your rules. Want a nice stereo? Your truck, your rules. Owning your own truck means you make the rules!

Becoming an owner operator has many benefits, but the biggest is finally being in control of your life. If you want to purchase your own semi truck and become an owner operator, get in touch with Semi Truck Financing. You will make the best choice you ever could for your life.