What’s So Special about Peterbilt 386

What’s So Special about Peterbilt 386

To settle on what truck you need, take a look at why you might want to invest in a Peterbilt 386. These trucks not only offer you a decent amount of space for your own pleasure, but they also give you a smooth ride that you’ll enjoy taking onto the highway. Continue reading to learn why you might want to take a look at some used Peterbilt trucks for sale.

Resale Value

Before you buy a used truck, you might want to take into account how much you can get back out of it. Even if you’re planning on driving this truck for the rest of your life, taking into account how much money you can get out of it might be something that you should consider. Peterbilt trucks, generally speaking, tend to be good trucks if you’re concerned about their resale value. Keeping your truck in good condition can prove to be highly beneficial and provide you a good return on investment when you’re ready to trade it in or sell it.

Under the Hood

The Peterbilt 386 is designed to be able to take the heat. Its cooling package is a great addition to this truck, allowing it to handle things when its engine starts to get heated up. The truck was designed to remove heat quickly. Moreover, the underside of the hood itself has a smooth design that allows for better airflow to help the truck to cool quickly, helping prevent overheating. This helps the hot air to flow away from the engine rather than sending it towards the engine.

Quiet Ride

The Peterbilt 386 runs smoothly. When it comes to making turns, the wheel is great for taking those tight corners that might otherwise be difficult to make. This could be an ideal candidate for you if you’re seeking something to drive on the highway. In fact, highway travel is the 386’s specialty. Should you take most of your routes via the highway, this might be the truck that makes your life easier.

Peterbilt 386 Runs Smoothly

Improvements and Spacing

When compared to the Peterbilt 379, the 386 offers a few additional benefits. The differences between the cabs of the two models are different. The cab of the 386, however, sits 2 ½ inches higher and the windowsill sits a little bit lower, allowing drivers to have get a little bit of a better view of the road. In addition, the passenger door porthole window has increased in size.

When it comes to room in the truck, you should be able to fit in a few additional essentials. An upper bunk bed can fit nicely inside. There are also tinted windows pre-installed on both sides of the vehicle, allowing you to slide them to remove unwanted sunlight before taking a nap. A microwave and fridge can be added to the truck so that you can cook your own meals. Even with all those added to the truck, there might be a little bit of space for other necessities as well as an entertainment center.

Finding Yours

If you’re interested in learning more about the Peterbilt 386, check out Truck Mart LLC for the best Peterbilt trucks for sale. There, you can find a Peterbilt 386 or another model to fit your needs.