Why Call Truck Mart?


Road test after road test. Not just on the garage floor, but actual road tests hooked to our 80,000 pound test vehicle on a 50 plus mile mountain test run operated by a 40 year veteran driver. Your tractor must perform. If not, back to the repair facility computer for further adjustment. And then, back on the test road until it is right!

Only the best! No other company does this grueling road test. Click here to see the actual test machine and the professional driver. You can talk to the test driver when you come to pick up your truck.

Why Call Truck Mart for a Used Semi Truck


Fast, knowledgeable, courteous people to work with. Direct connections to government agencies, insurance companies, freight companies, many major banks, and warranty plans. Superior service!


We all hate to hear that word, but they happen. Call Truck Mart! Our experts will hear your problems and offer free advice as to what may be wrong, how you may be able to fix it, correct parts you need, and price estimates far beyond the warranty period for as long as you own the truck.

When breakdowns occur, call Truck Mart! This is no time for second best. Talk to our master repairmen by calling (717) 532-3188.


2 years, 200,000 miles. Engine, transmission, rears, turbo, injectors, DPF.


You are already approved at Truck Mart! Buy the truck, make the payments on time, and your credit will improve beyond your wildest dreams. It’s the way to owning your own home. Our banks report good performance to the credit agencies. Really good things result!

Down Payments

There are many plans to choose from, and one will work for you. Just ask!

Knowledge of the Business

We are Owner/Operator Specialists! Since 1947, we sign on a new independent business man [that’s you] every day. Just call Truck Mart to be sure! (800) 377-3101.


Let’s do it again when you need your next truck! We will have another beauty for you.